About Us

ICE-PVE Asia Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore in year 2005 as a joint-venture company by Dieseko Group B.V. and JP Nelson Holdings Pte Ltd. Dieseko is the principal manufacturer of PVE vibrators / powerpacks, incorporated in The Netherlands with 40 years of manufacturing experience.

ICE-PVE Asia occupies a 2 storey office of 224 sqm and a workshop of 1,510 sqm with overhead crane facility at No. 28 Benoi Road, Singapore 629899.ICE-PVE Asia principal activity involves manufacturing and sales of hydraulic vibratory pile driver / extractors and hydraulic powerpacks in the Asia Pacific region. These hydraulically driven foundation equipment working in vibration techniques are used for driving / extracting of sheet piles, steel casings and various type of piles profile into and out of the land ground / deep seabed.

Due to business expansion, we are provide following services to all customers:-

  • Machinery services - We have boring machine which can be load up to 10mt, X traveler 3m & y height is 2.3m. (Details spec as per attachment)
  • Welding services - We workers are specially training for different type of welding jobs. (Normal welding / MIG / TIG)
  • Assembly services - We have trained personal to handle hydraulic fitting & other different request assembly process.
  • Modification Engineering - We do also provide advice on modification engineering as per customer's request to improve customer's product & efficiency of performance.

We do also act as a sub-contractor for producing OTD, PPL & HPU for external customers on their request for Off-shore project. Customization to customer request is also our strength.

Close contact and cooperation with customers, dedication for the job and fully embedded R&D, have resulted in leading vibro technology, top quality that lasts and inventive products. This resulted for example in the development of vibro hammers with huge hydraulic power input.