ICE Holland is your partner in the world of foundation equipment like vibratory hammers, power packs, soil compactors and Vibroflots, dredge pumps & augers. We are your number 1 partner, when you are involved in civil foundation works like bridges, docks, wind farms, train tracks and buildings. 

  • A complete range of foundation equipment
  • A high quality dealer network around the world
  • An innovative customer oriented organization
  • The largest rental fleet around the world
  • A high availability of parts
  • An experienced company in offshore projects
  • Geotechnical consulting
  • Flexible financing solutions
  • Trade-in of used hydraulic vibratory equipment
  • 24-hours per day, 7 days per week service
  • Professional training and commissioning on the job 


The Dieseko Group is a joint forces alliance of two Dutch originated companies: Dieseko's Piling & Vibro Equipment (PVE) and International Construction Equipment (ICE). The history goes back to 1974.

Started with the rental of vibratory hammers to foundation companies, the organisation has expanded and grown into an international, financially healthy enterprise, becoming the worldwide market leader with a wide variety of products and services for (deep) foundation works and piling challenges.

PVE is a genuine Dutch company. Water management is in our genes. Like no other, we know that save work and living habitats are based on firm foundations. 

We are specialized in the (enhanced) development and innovation of vibratory technology. As a result, we develop, produce and deliver hundreds of high quality sustainable vibratory hammers and power packs worldwide.

We have the answers to the most challenging issues on deep foundation, onshore and offshore. That expertise we like to share.

PVE develops and produces vibratory hammers, power packs and related machinery for (deep) foundation works. We offer all-in piling solutions.

R&D - engineering - production - sales - rentals - services - repairs –revisions


The Dieseko Group is the result of a merge of two Dutch based companies: Piling & Vibro Equipment (PVE) en International Construction Equipment (ICE). The historie goes back to 1974.

Started with the rental of vibro hammers, the Dieseko Group has grown into an international, financially healthy organization. In total, the Dieseko Group employs 120 people



Founding Dieseko. Import and export of diesel engines, building their own power units.


Founding ICE


Relocation Dieseko to Papendrecht. Switch to vibro technology. Rental and import of vibro hammers, building own power units.


Relocation Dieseko to Sliedrecht.


Dieseko takes over Nierstrasz and ITCA.


Start building own vibratory hammers


Introduction of internally developed vibratory hammers and power units under the name PVE


ICE becomes parts of the Geveke Group


Introducing the first PVE high frequency vibro hammer with variable moment (VM)


Strong global growth, helped by a strong distribution network including countries like Germany (BVV Spezialbautechnik Vertriebs GmbH), Singapore (J.P. Nelson), England, Korea and Switzerland. In Thailand, Thai Piling & Vibro Equipment Ltd. is established.


PVE starts own renatl fleet


PVE opening branch in Jacksonville - Florida. 
Design of world's largest vibro hammer the 1000M. 
Introduction of ring vibrators supplied to OEM Liebherr.


Introducing the 200M, helping with the construction of the Betuwelijn (railroad track from Rotterdam harbour to Germany).


ICE becomes part of de PON group.


T. Kraak and M. van der Schoot take a major interest in ICE


ICE starts own production of power packs
Founding oa PVE Asia in Singapore, a new production facility. 
Customised PVE 105M is successfully used in Russia at - 40 °C.


Greenfieeld acquires 50% stake of ICE


PVE merges with ICE. Both brands will be transferred in to the Dieseko Group.


Initial tests with 200M at sea for windmill foundations (BART). 
Introducing the 300M in Singapore, the largest vibro hammer in the market!
Deloitte has awarded ICE with the title "Best managed company" of the Netherlands in cooperation with VNO-NCW, the national association for companies, the nationwide Chamber of commerce, TiasNimbas Business School and Management Team publishers.


ISO 9001 certificate for the Dieseko Group.
Set up of Brazilian rental fleet
Introduction of the 300M in Singapore, Diseko Group has again the largest vibratory hammer in the market


Dieseko Group has received once again the "Best Managed Companies" of the Netherlands Award
PVE wins Global Tech I tender to supply 2x PVE 300MU Upending Vibratory Hammers


The first RF vibratory hammers sold in China and Brazil. Both markets are traditionally dominated by normal frequency vibratory hammers.
Introduction of the blue prints of the GIANT, a modular offshore vibratory hammer, at the successful Bauma exhibition.
First powerpack witt start-stop systeem sold. This not only produces an impressive reduction of nitrogen oxides but also fuel consumption and maintenance costs are much lower.


In Sliedrecht the first spectacular PVE 250M is built. This new designed six eccenter Vibro Hammer is specially developed for driving large diameter steel casings, up to 4,550mm diameter.
Dieseko have been introducing de 500M, this has been used for a wind turbine foundation test project in Cuxhaven (Germany)
Dieseko Group reinforces its international position with the acquisition of PVE Piling & Drilling Rigs. PDR is a supplier of pile cranes, drill cranes and hydraulic pile drivers. The company will continue to operate independently in Oosterhout


ICE international construction equipment is part of the DIESEKO group, specialized in engineering manufacturing, rental and sales of piling and vibro equipment and power packs. ICE has become the largest manufacturers of piling equipment. Thanks to its ongoing efforts in optimizing quality and performance. With a worldwide distribution and service network ICE has an outstanding service performance. We know that when a foundation is solid. You can build on it. With our own product development department. We can go ahead with innovations nobody else would even try.

Hydraulic vibration technology is the unique competence of the DIESEKO GROUP since 1974. The DIESEKO GROUP aims to further develop distingtive vibro systems that allow users to place foundations in an effective, efficient and modern manner in different situations and circumstances. Working with the DIESESKO GROUP means teaming up with passionate professionals. Challenge usm and you will experience our contagious enthusiasm.

Since 1977 International Construction Equipment BV in the Netherlands offers a wide range of high end vibratory hammers. In the field they’re known for their reliability and power It doesn’t matter what you are hammering because our hammers can be equipped with a wide range of wood, universal, pile and calsson clamps of course all our products are CE certified.

Depending on the application, you can choose from a variety of hammers in normal and high frequency models. For sites where the surrounding soil is not allowed to vibrate such as in urban areas or in the vicinity of old buildings, there are resonance – free hammers.

From vibratory hammers to DOP pumps.. from angers to impact hammers. For every type of equipment, we provide an entensive range of products, including accessories. The advantage of this products is their interchangeability. And the fact that they all provide optimum performance with one and the same power source. The ICE power pack.

Free hanging hammers have an ecentric moment ranging from 6 – 110 KGM suitable for hammering pipe/casing diameter up to 3800mm. Also perfect for vibrating sheet piles and H & I profile beams.

The exavator mounted hammers have an eccentric moment ranging from 0.5 to 18 KGM. An excellent choice for driving and extracting sheet piles and H & I beams.

Using the swivel head option enables you to directly lift the piles from a horizontal to a vertical position and immediately start driving.

The ICE power packs could be equipped with various engine and pump combinations. Contact your ICE representative for other specifications than mentioned in the product range.