ICE Holland is your partner in the world of foundation equipment like vibratory hammers, power packs, soil compactors and Vibroflots, dredge pumps & augers. We are your number 1 partner, when you are involved in civil foundation works like bridges, docks, wind farms, train tracks and buildings. 

  • A complete range of foundation equipment
  • A high quality dealer network around the world
  • An innovative customer oriented organization
  • The largest rental fleet around the world
  • A high availability of parts
  • An experienced company in offshore projects
  • Geotechnical consulting
  • Flexible financing solutions
  • Trade-in of used hydraulic vibratory equipment
  • 24-hours per day, 7 days per week service
  • Professional training and commissioning on the job 


The Dieseko Group is a joint forces alliance of two Dutch originated companies: Dieseko's Piling & Vibro Equipment (PVE) and International Construction Equipment (ICE). The history goes back to 1974.

Started with the rental of vibratory hammers to foundation companies, the organisation has expanded and grown into an international, financially healthy enterprise, becoming the worldwide market leader with a wide variety of products and services for (deep) foundation works and piling challenges.

PVE is a genuine Dutch company. Water management is in our genes. Like no other, we know that save work and living habitats are based on firm foundations. 

We are specialized in the (enhanced) development and innovation of vibratory technology. As a result, we develop, produce and deliver hundreds of high quality sustainable vibratory hammers and power packs worldwide.

We have the answers to the most challenging issues on deep foundation, onshore and offshore. That expertise we like to share.

PVE develops and produces vibratory hammers, power packs and related machinery for (deep) foundation works. We offer all-in piling solutions.