JP Nelson supplies a range of Dieseko PVE Vibratory Hammers, one of the leading names in foundation equipment, for high profile project in Asia. Dieseko PVE, a Dutch company base in Sliedrect, Netherlands, specialize in piling and vibratory equipment. Its Vibratory Hammers are known for their high quality and excellent performance. Its PVE vibros distinguish themselves by their larger hydraulic power and constant frequency, which is very important in heavy-duty work. PVE's hydraulic power units are also reliable and solid, tested in everyday practice.

All new PVE machines are in compliance with the CE standards meeting the most stringent requirements. Dieseko not only focuses on the best possible technological products, but also on production that boast of modern, high technology, CNC-driven milling and boring machines production, assembly construction, and testing of vibro's power units that are all in house.

PVE's range of standard frequency vibrators feature eccentric moment of 23 kgm to 200 kgm. Another range of PVE models is the high frequency vibrators with Variable Moment (VM).

Usually, during the starting and stopping of a constant frequency vibro, the critical frequency region is violated. There is also constant amplitude generated due to the constant moment. The amplitude not only causes negative vibrations in the soil and on the boom of the crane in this critical area, but can also continue to have disturbing effects, even in other frequency areas such as nearby buildings.

PVE's high frequency Variable Moment vibrators can be adjusted from 0 to max. 2300 rev/min and the eccentric weights also combine to cancel out each other, and hence no vibrations (amplitude) are generated. These adjustments to maximum take place automatically. Two commonly used models are the 2335 with eccentric moment ranging from 0-35 kgm, and the 2316, which delivers the eccentric moment ranging from 0-16 kgm.

The most commonly used standard frequency vibrator models are the 25M delivering 27 kgm of eccentric moment and the 52M delivering 52 kgm of eccentric moment. These two models represent the usual high standards of reliability, durability and performance. The power packs are powered by Volvo engines. The horsepower is adequate for the delivery of the required power that generated the impressive eccentric moment, plus the bonus of an excellent fuel economy. In additional, the power packs are compactly design due to the clever re-routing of the diesel without the use of tank.

To add another notch to its belt, a PVE 200M supplied by JP Nelson Equipment has been deployed for the construction of the gigantic Su Tong cable-stayed bridge near Nantong city in China. This two time six lane highway will have two 430 m pylons and span 5,500 m. PVE 200M, a top model will bring 130 casing with a diameter of 2,800mm and an overall length 65 m into the ground. The fixed X-plate construction combined with four clamps guarantees and optimum grip and transmission of the impact energy. The powered is generated by PVE model 1600 power unit with a 1600 litre/min oil flow.

In Singapore, local contractor ZAP Piling, together with PVE dealer JP Nelson carried the piling work for the Singapore Airport Extension with a PVE 52M. The foundation job was carried out by driving a total of 225 piles into the soil all within three months by driving a total of 225 piles into the soil all within three month. These piles are bored piles which mean that 18 meter tubular piles with a maximum diameter of 1,400 mm were driven into the soil. Subsequently these were bored clear of the soil up to a depth of 40 m, after which 18 casing were extracted using the vibro from the soil gain.

Other project includes the harbour in Karachi, Pakistan involving the reconstruction of a terminal for liquid material. The contractor China Harbour attempted different method of extraction unsuccessfully. The solution came in the from of JP Nelson's PVE 52M, which was fitted with special shaped clamps, finished the job without a hitch. Subsequently, 124 new foundation piles were installed while there 41 m long mooring post with diameter of 2,100 mm were also placed. JP Nelson was awarded the Top Sales Award and Best Performing Dealer in Asia by its principle Dieseko in 1996 to 1997 and 1998 to 2003 for its contribution and success with PVE Vibratory Hammers.