Vivo City one of the latest projects in southwest Singapore is being constructed by Penta Ocean Construction Co., Ltd. The design of this project is totally out of the box with the architecture to evoke waves, lively water features to bring the external water element to the centre while external water elements and the lighting elements simulate the waxing and waning of the moon.

This sensation will not only change from day to night, but also throughout the days of the month. When completed it is designed to make a splash in the local retail and leisure scenes.


We are also proud to announce that Penta Ocean has selected JP Nelson Equipment as the main equipment supplier for this mammoth project. The confidence the main contractor has in JP Nelson was formed by their reliability and dependability in previous contracts.

All the 6 Tower Cranes are powered by JP Nelson’s 250KVA Generators. The welding jobs are supported by Airman 300 Amp Welder. To cope with the reinforced concrete work, Macdonald’s 40 lb Pneumatic Breakers driven by engine powered Air compressors are deployed everywhere to hack and chip all excess concrete.

There are 3 types of pumps supplied on site, one type is an Electrical Submersible pump of various sizes (2”-4”), the other is an engine driven pump and the third type is the Pneumatic Driven Diaphragm pump.

Other equipment includes Blower Fans for confined area ventilation, Scissors Man lifts, Lighting Towers and Forklifts. JP Nelson has a proven track record as an Industrial Equipment supplier. This is achieved by its huge inventory and new range of equipment plus the bonus of competitive prices.