1st ICE-PVE 81NF Vibro

The very 1st ICE-PVE 81NF Vibro was introduced into Singapore as a product of our company JP Nelson. This Vibro Model 81NF is the first of its kind in Singapore, and is stronger and faster than the previous models. One advantage of the 81NF Vibro Hammer is equipped with a Gearbox Cooling system, thus prolonging the lifespan of the mechanical components and in turn reducing maintenance costs. The 81NF Vibro Hammer also has forced lubrication that provides a lubricant film around the components, reducing friction and wear. With an eccentric moment of 81kgm and a maximum centrifugal force of 2,570kN, the 81NF is able to fill up the gap between our 52M and 110M.

After test driving a few sheet piles, the site staffs of our customer Civil Tech Pte Ltd were convinced that the 81NF Vibro was both effective and efficient. News of the demonstration reached the ears of the Managing Director of Civil Tech Pte Ltd and he subsequently purchased the 81NF Vibro.

The 81NF Vibro is now used for Civil Techs new project, Common Services Tunnel. The Common Service Tunnel Project is basically a development of the Marina Bay area in Singapore. The tunnel will house telecom cables, power lines, water pipes as well as provision for pneumatic refuse collection pipes. The ICE-PVE 81NF Vibro will be used for driving over 1000 pieces of Type 15, sheet-piles into the ground, with a depth of 43 meters. Till date, Civil Tech remains satisfied with the performance of the 81NF Vibro and may consider purchasing more vibratory hammers from JP Nelson.