Antar Crane (subsidiary of JP Nelson Equipment) Sold QUY 80H Zoomlion to Yongnam

Yongnam has been purchasing cranes of various other mades and models but recently has decided to give QUY 80H a try after testing it in our yard. Yongnam’s Engineer was amazed at the similarity of the control with Japanese made model. The swing and the lifts are very smooth and it is able to perform multiple functions with relative ease. Yongnam is also pleased with its competitive price ensuring a fast return of investment.

QUY 80H is a join collaboration effort between engineers from Antar Crane and Zoomlion. Local condition, special request for improved specification and safety requirement was provided to Zoomlion and it was implemented into the H series of crawler crane. Their effort was well received by local contractor.

Currently, QUY80H is being commissioned in Downtown Line phase 3 projects, C923 and C922 respectively.