JP Nelson Brand New Mait HR360 Available For Usage Now

Capable to drive up to 80m depth, HR360 is perfect for deep boring operation and all terrain operation. It has an improve Kelly bar design which makes it very suitable for extreme rocky environment and is highly suitable for usage in areas where conventional boring machine cannot be employed effectively due to presence of hard rocks. It is equivalent to BG 36 but it is more competitively priced hence, a faster return of investment.

Local contractor will continue to face challenges in the changing construction environment of Singapore, in the need to free up existing land spaces for better usage of land the only effective way is subterranean construction.

Construction complexity will only increase as land planner takes subterranean construction more seriously such as the construction of more underground tunnel to contain utilities pipes and MRT tracks that will run along existing building, building will also be constructed higher to offset the increased cost of land values. All of this will mean that standard bore pile size will only increase in size and depth.

JP Nelson is pleased to introduce HR360 that will enable local contractor to take advantage of its capability to drive even deeper casing.