JP Nelson Delivers The CCH500T to Daiya Engineering Construction Pte Ltd

JP Nelson has just delivered a 55 tons Crawler Telescopic Crane to Daiya Engineering Construction Pte Ltd. The first of its class, this crane was specially selected due to its excellent engineering capabilities.

The CCH550T comes with 5 world class features:

  • 34.4m boom length, the longest reach in its class.
  • Minimum time and space requirement for on-site boom assembly and disassembly. It also comes with automatic attachment/detachment of counterweight.
  • High ground clearance and a sturdy and rugged construction ensure a stable travel any terrains.
  • World class IHI hydraulic system allows for multiple independent operations of boom extension/contraction and erection. Assures smooth operation even when complicated mixed functions are required.
  • Allows attachment of auger and vibratory hammer. Internal hydraulics makes it possible to operate a variety of equipment

JP Nelson will continue to deliver excellent products from all over the world to meet your requirements.