Mighty Mini Crane In Hot Demand For Congested Site

JDC is currently using our MC405C in the construction of Gem shopping centre at Jurong East. The mini crane is position on a level still under construction to lift up material from a lower level accessible by passenger hoist. The usage of this mini crane to construct each level has freed the tower crane for other lifts around the site and has sped up construction activities.

Alpines Bau GmbH employs the LC 785, a 5 tons mini crane to lift materials in underground tunnels in the Downtown line project. This crane with its telescopic boom capability is able to reach a height which a conventional excavator cannot. Its safety features is also another consideration by the main contractor as it has similar features to that of a crawler crane making it safer to use on site. Its small size also helps it to move around in the congested tunnel project easily.

Yongnam Engineering is taking advantage of the small footprint of the MC305C to carry out A&A work at congested site in Victoria Theatre and Suntec City, both projects has limited space available and is out of reach for conventional tower crane. JP Nelson is the sole distributor of the popular Maeda series of Mini Crawler Cranes. Its small footprint enables the mini crane to gain access to congested site and is useful for jobs which conventional tower or crawler cranes has no access to. JP Nelson has various ranges of mini cranes ranging from 3 tons to 5 tons mini cranes available for sales or rental