New additions to the ICE-PVE vibro family

JP Nelson Equipment has an extensive fleet of new rental equipments to cater to the many needs and requirement from our customer. We are pleased to announce a new series of vibratory hammer which incorporated design of both ICE and PVE. It is based on the principle of achieving high amplitude with a light weight construction thus, generating a very high eccentric moment. The high eccentric moment is useful for extraction of sheet piles and casing.

We have launched 2 models from this series in Singapore namely the 55M and the 82M. The 55M is a class 7 tons vibratory hammer but has a high eccentric moment of 51 kgm. The 82M eccentric moment is even more astonishing; it is a class 8 tons vibratory hammer but is able to generate a high eccentric moment of 81 kgm! A light vibratory hammer with a high eccentric moment will require a lighter crane to do the same job which is more convenient for piling contractors.

It is no surprise that with such high specification both vibratory hammers have within a very short period being employed in numerous job sites around Singapore and has proven itself as a suitable alternative from the more traditional PVE vibratory hammer.