Sale of Vibratory Hammer PVE 55NF

The PVE 55NF vibratory hammer was developed by ICE-PVE. The hammer was made to be specially designed together with Power Unit Model 670. The power unit has a Caterpillar engine with 550 HP, and it provides an oil flow of 670ltr/min to the vibratory hammer. Also with an additional gearbox cooling system, the lifespan of critical mechanical components in and out of the vibratory hammer is increased and thus lengthen.

Vibratory Hammer PVE 55NF was delivered to site Farrer Park Medical Centre located at Race Coast Road on the 3rd of January 2011 for testing.

The items delivered to the site were:

-1 Unit PVE 55NF Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer with Counter Weight

-1 Unit PVE 670 Hydraulic Power Unit 1

-1 Set PVE Hydraulic Hoses 1

-1 Unit PVE 200 Tons Sheetpile Clamp 1

The main nature of the test was to demonstrate the driving of interlocking sheet piles using vibratory hammer PVE 55NF. The Sheetpile measured at 18metres, and classified as a type 4 Sheetpile. Despite the rain that occurred during the test, Fuchi Pte Ltds Personnel in-charge, Mr. Liao & Mr. Tan, came to witness the testing of the new vibratory hammer. Aside from the test done at the Race Coast Road site, the PVE 55NF was also tested at other different locations. All of which the test results were satisfactory.

Fuchi Pte Ltd, the first owner of the PVE 55NF, is a happy customer at the end of the day.