Variable Movement Vibratory Hammer

Construction in Singapore is increasingly difficult with more and more adjacent buildings, underground pipes and tunnels. Subterranean construction is no longer a point and drive affair. Engineer has to consider ground movement caused by the driving of concrete or sheet piles. There is an urgent need to find ways to eliminate it. Diaphragm wall construction is used as an alternative but without the means to reuse the material this method is both costly and slow.

JP Nelson is pleased to bring in the variable movement vibratory hammer from Dieseko. VM Vibros has opposing Eccenters as opposed to conventional vibros with only a single line of Eccenters. The opposing Eccenters work hard to eliminate stop/start vibration to zero. VM Vibro is also competitively priced and comes with strong after sales support from JP Nelson Equipment. JP Nelson has various ranges of VM vibros to cater for different job requirements