JP Nelsons distributorship with Dieseko, founder of the PVE brand of piling and extraction equipment, started in 1995 when we bought the first unit of hydraulic vibro hammer. Since then, we have achieved strong sales for PVE and have also established ourselves as a market leader in the leasing of PVE hydraulic vibro hammers in Singapore.
PVEs hydraulic vibratory hammers are used extensively worldwide in building construction, harbour construction, bridge construction, etc, on land, as well as under water. With the ability to drive as well as extract piles, PVEs hydraulic vibro hammers also come in standard frequency and high frequency (variable moment) to suit different job site conditions.
JP Nelson is proud to be PVEs sole distributor in Singapore and Malaysia.
Please contact our construction equipment Sales or construction equipment Rentals personnel for more information or download the PVE & ICE product range here.