JP Nelson Access Equipment Pte Ltd (JPNAE) is proud to announce that we are the authorized Palazzani dealer in Singapore and Malaysia, providing Sales & Rental services of new and used light weight Spider Lifts.

Palazzani is a company with a history of over 70 years, specializing in Earth Moving Machines and Aerial Platforms project engineering and manufacturing. A totally Italian Company, which has been able to confirm its position and to expand its business in a global and internationally competitive market.

Articulate Spider Lift (Track/Wheel) Platform Height Working Height
RANGO TZX 170 15.00m 17.00m
RANGO TZX 190 17.00m 19.00m
RANGO TZX 225 20.40m 22.40m

Telescopic Spider Lift (Track/Wheel) Platform Height Working Height
RANGO TSJ 25 23.00m 25.00m
RANGO TSJ 27 25.00m 27.00m
RANGO TSJ 30.1 28.00m 30.00m
RANGO XTJ 32 30.00m 32.00m
RANGO TSJ 35 33.00m 35.00m
RANGO XTJ 35 33.00m 35.00m
RANGO TSJ 39 37.00m 39.00m
RANGO XTJ 42 40.00m 42.00m
RANGO XTJ 43 41.00m 43.00m
RANGO XTJ 48 46.00m 48.00m
RANGO XTJ 52 50.00m 52.00m