JP Nelson supplies a wide range of equipment to T213 project. The range includes boring machine and vibratory hammer to generators and air compressors. We pledged to continue to bring in innovative and high value machineries to ensure smooth completion of difficult projects.

High value equipment currently on hire

-2 x 600 KVA Generators

-2 x 500 KVA Generators

-7 x High pressure air compressors

-1 x 82M vibratory, 1 x 110M vibro, 1 x 416L

-2 x HR180 Boring rig

-12 x 4 x LED lighting towers

  • Will be built in three stages
    - Stage 1 to be completed in 2019
    - Stage 2 to be completed in 2020
    - Stage 3 to be completed in 2021
  • The whole line will be completely underground. A total of 22 stations and TSL will add greatly to the accessibility and connectivity of the current rail network, with interchanges to all other 5 MRT lines.
  • TSL estimated to be built at estimated S$18 billion.