JP Nelson Equipment Pte Ltd


The company was incorporated in 1992, the business was segregated into two core activities of industrial equipment leasing and sales to focus on their respective markets and capitalize on the growth for industrial equipment in the Asian regions. Since then, JP Nelson strength has increased to more than 200 staff occupying total premises of 44,513 sq.m. to support the business growth. 


We specialize in new, reconditioned and used industrial equipment, selling and leasing to end customers, equipment dealers and international network of auction houses. We also provide support services such as repairs and supply of parts. The range of products we supply include generators, vibratory hammers, air-compressors, welding sets, excavators, loaders, cranes, pneumatic breakers, boom lifts and other infrastructure and construction equipment. We are the exclusive distributor for “ICE-PVE” brand of vibratory hammers, hydraulic power packs, accessories and parts in Singapore & Malaysia. And we have the distributorship of “NEWARC” brand of welding inverters in Singapore. We are also the distributor for “MAEDA” brand of mini crawler crane in Singapore & Malaysia. In addition, we re authorized to distribute for “Manitowoc” brand of lattice boom crawler cranes in Singapore. Last but not least, we are the distributor for “Macdonald” brand of air tools in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia and Myanmar.


We aim to enhance CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and strive for continual QUALITY IMPROVEMENT. We recognize the benefits of good systems and on 8th September 1998 we awarded the ISO 9002:1994 certificate for operating a quality management system for “sale and rental of construction and industrial equipment”. And on 2nd December 2003, this was upgraded to ISO 9001:2000 for a quality management system for “leasing, sales, and servicing of equipment for construction, engineering, oil & gal, shipyards/shipbuilding & offshore industries (exclude design)”. And in February 2006, the company was awarded the ISO 14001:2004 certificate certifies the company’s status as a practitioner of global anti-pollution and recycling standards. Lastly, we award Bizsafe Level 3 and 4 on 13/04/2011. We are now recognized for our efforts in managing safety and health hazards in our workplaces and worksites. We take customers’ satisfaction seriously and strive to provide consistent excellent services through a competent team and quality management system. Effective cost reduction programs instill in our staff. Some of the savings are translated into competitive pricing giving value-for-money pricing to our customers. We are committed to upgrading the skill of staff with continuous training programs to acquire new technologies for the operation and maintenance of new equipment. With a competent workforce and a good system of control and information to provide timely reports, management can monitor the performance of the Company to take timely corrective actions so that the Company can be agile and quick to respond to changing market conditions.

Recently, we have been awarded Bizsafe Level 3 and 4 on 13/04/2011. We are now recognized for our efforts in managing safety and health hazards in our workplaces and worksites.