JP Nelson Holdings

JP Nelson Holdings, shorten as JPNH, is a listing company in Taipei Exchange in Taiwan. The functions of Taipei office of JPNH are as follows:

1 . To be in compliance with regulations and laws 
*Make sure JPNH’s policy and methods, corporate governance, shareholder rights and interest
must be following all the related regulations and laws in Taiwan.

2. To interact with the competent authority such as Taipei Exchange, Securities and Futures Bureau
*Master the latest policies and laws
*Monthly regular information disclosure
*Irregular information disclosure or information provision
*Immediate disclosure of major information or supplementary explanation of relevant information
*Education training and classes stipulated by the competent authority.

3. To set up the reputation and good image
*Media news report through different channels
*Attend various activities of media figure interview, famous award selection, financial and 
economic program on magazine, professional periodicals, or TV stations.
*Interaction with media reporters and journalists
*Holding an investor conference, or a press conference

4.  To build up public relationship
*Keep contact with investment legal entities to find out credible and suitable investors, then 
become long-term investors or partners of the company.
*Maintain good relation with securities companies to grasp the diverse developments and 
information of the capital market, to help in the fund-raising matters.
*Keep in touch with banks and financial leasing companies in order to get a credit loan or 
guarantee financing lines.
   *Visit and coordinate investment advisers companies and industry researchers to issue research 

JP Nelson (Taiwan) Corporation, shorten as JPNTW, officially set up in 26 August 2011 in Taiwan.
JPNTW is the subsidiary company of JP Nelson Holdings, and specializes in providing sales and rental of a wide range of heavy machine machines
such as aerial work platform, generators, air compressors, hydraulic vibratory hammer, boring rig and rotator. JPNTW also sells various key component and spare parts of machines to satisfy customers’ needs.

In the early days, JP Nelson Group was mainly engaged in the sale, rental and maintenance of generators, and then began to be involved in other engineering equipment.
JP Nelson Group has been in the field of generators for nearly 28 years. With rich experience and technology, plus the spirit of honesty and professional service, JP Nelson group quickly gained a place in Singapore. 

In order to provide the most suitable products, meet market demand, and give customers a diversified choice,
JP Nelson Group began to manufacture and assemble "JP Nelson" branded generators,
and through existing channels, actively expand and sell to markets such as Singapore, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.